Knights of Columbus Council #13093 | Stevensville, MT

Stevensville - Hamilton

Every choice will always create a consequence.  Becoming pregnant is a result that will surprise, amaze and or produce anxiety when it is unanticipated. The quandary becomes, “What will I do.” It is our hope that the agencies featured in “Abortion Alternatives Montana,” can help you make a prudent decision.

Pregnant and unsure?

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The Knights of Columbus organization is grounded in the principal that the culture of life is formulated in the natural law that is written in the heart of every person, the recognition that every human life is sacred from the beginning to the end, from conception to a natural death.


Recognizing your concern for life, recognizing your ability to share this life with a loving family, identifies you as women devoted to creating and maintaining the life of your child. Circumstances may not be favorable for you to become a full time mother, but recognizing that you wish to fulfill the life of the child in your womb, identifies you as a concerned, caring human being!

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